Seat Return

If you’re a GMHBA Reserved Seat Member but can’t make it to every game – that’s ok!

We understand that even though you love the Cats, sometimes things come up and clash with game day.

That’s why our Seat Return Program exists. It means you can get the most value out of your 2022 Membership.

By lending your seat via Seat Return to another passionate Cats supporter for the game you can’t attend, you get a credit on your 2023 Membership* and they get to enjoy a great game of footy. 

Click here to view Seat Return Instructions

Seat Return

Seat Return Instructional Video

Prefer to forward your seat to a friend or family Member for a game? Click here.

What is Seat Return? What credit will I receive? When can I return my seat? How do I return my seat? How do other supporters or Members purchase my seat? How will I know if my seat has sold and if I receive a Membership credit? What are the Seat Return terms and conditions?
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