Geelong Social Club - Guidelines


As a Member of the Geelong Social Club, you will be asked to observe the principles of responsible consumption of alcohol. This will ensure a safe and friendly environment for all patrons and staff.

In association with the Liquor Licensing Commission and the Liquor Control Act the Club has adopted the following principles of responsible serving and consumption of alcohol that all patrons must adhere to:

Geelong Social Club Members breaching the above may:



According to local, state and federal law, the Geelong Cats has instigated a policy where the use of bad language or racist remarks will not be tolerated. All Members and their guests are required to behave appropriately whilst attending a match at GMHBA Stadium. In the event of a complaint, the club will be forced to take action by removing the member or guest from the stadium and the Member may forfeit Geelong Social Club Membership privileges. Please note, unacceptable behaviour towards players, Geelong Cats staff, security, match-day attendants or other Geelong Social Club Members or guests will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion.

Please note: If you are bringing an opposition supporter in as a guest, please advise them it is a Geelong Cats area, and that unacceptable behaviour may lead to ejection.



For a breach of behavioural standards a verbal and/or written warning will be given. All verbal and written warnings will be placed on the Geelong Social Club Member’s permanent file. A maximum of three (3) warnings will be issued before the club will either have the membership card suspended or cancelled depending on the nature of events.



Should clarification be required on any Membership matter contained herein, please contact Membership Services on 1300 462 287. Should any problems arise at GMHBA Stadium on match-days, please approach either the security staff or match-day attendant positioned nearest to you or visit our staff at the Membership Services counter.

Raffle may or may not be conducted on Home match days within the Geelong Social Club. The method of draw will be random, to give all an equal chance of winning. If the winner does not come forward within a reasonable amount of time following the announcement of the winning number a redraw must occur. Prizes are RRP values at $500 or less, no permit are required and purchasers details are not required according to the Victoria Commision for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. 



Please note, the following conditions apply to Geelong Social Club Membership in addition to the general Membership Guidelines:

Geelong Social Club Membership cards and lanyards must be displayed at all times on match days. Please ensure you have your Geelong Social Club Membership card and lanyard and your guests have their guest ticket visible when entering the seating, bar and dining areas of the Geelong Social Club.

Full Geelong Social Club Members are not eligible to have a season GMHBA Stadium or Melbourne seat linked to their Geelong Social Club Membership. If they wish to hold a GMHBA Stadium or Melbourne season seat they must take out a second Geelong Cats Home or Home & Away Membership.

Geelong Social Club Membership does not guarantee access to the Geelong Social Club area or seating within the Geelong Social Club. Access is always subject to capacity/availability. Geelong Social Club Members must follow arrangements as outlined in these guidelines or as communicated by the club

Abuse of Geelong Social Club Membership privileges against the Geelong Social Club guidelines will lead to the forfeiture of these privileges.



Juniors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times with the Geelong Social Club bar and dining areas at GMHBA Stadium and MCG. Adults bringing Junior's into the Geelong Social Club are fully accountable for all Junior's actions.



Geelong Social Club renewals are offered subject to availability and Geelong Cats will endeavour to offer renewal in each year to those who have held Geelong Social Club Membership in the previous year. This offer will be at the discretion of Geelong Cats and is not guaranteed. Should the Geelong Cats not be able to offer Geelong Social Club renewal, the option of alternative Membership may be offered at Geelong Cats discretion. Renewal notifications for Geelong Social Club Membership will be sent to the registered email address of the member in November of each year. It is the responsibility of the Member to follow up renewal notifications which may not have been received. They also must ensure the Geelong Cats has a valid email address and correct contact details at all times.



The Geelong Cats will issue all Geelong Social Club Members with a combined Geelong Social Club and Geelong Cats Membership card, with the exception of AFL Members who will receive a separate Geelong Social Club card from the Club and their AFL Club Support Membership card from the AFL. AFL Club Support Members must use the Membership card issued by Geelong Cats to enter the ground as your AFL barcode/card is invalid for entry at GMHBA Stadium.


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