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Philanthropic Membership allows you to support our past present and future. Philanthropic Membership is 100% tax deductible via the Australian Sports Foundation.

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Our Ambition

Our Ambition is the Club’s philanthropic arm and forms the ongoing invitation to members, sponsors, supports and the wider community to philanthropically invest and partner with our great club.

We aim to be the leading foundation program in the AFL for the way that we engage, develop relationships and supports our clubs evolution.

Our Ambition empowers us to invest I world-class facilities, develop our people, give back to our community and celebrate our history.

Opportunities for donating towards Our Ambition are presented under three key pillars:

Our Past - Heritage

Ensuring our rich history is honoured and celebrated

Our Present - Community

To engage and empower our community to thrive in building healthy, active and inclusive lives.

Our Future - Football

Developing the best talent and facilities required for the Club to perform at our peak and win premierships.

We are passionate about the future of the Geelong Football Club and look forward to receiving your generous support now and into the future.

All gifts supporting Our Ambition are tax deductible. Donors can make single gifts, or alternatively with consultation, multi-year gifts. Donors will be recognised for their significant contributions and we welcome discussing this with you further.

For more information, please contact the Foundation on


0401 741 784

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Philanthropic Membership
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*Tax deductible receipts will be sent prior to June 30 2022. This may not happen at time of purchase

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